EN-31 Bar

We are EN31 Round Bar manufacturers, and that we are only manufacturing from top-of-the-range billets and blooms. The range of EN31 Round Bars which we manufacture for our customers are of top quality and these round bars are used for creating machinery and OEM Auto components. These products are made keeping in mind the quality parameters that are set by the industry within the market. EN31 Round Bars are always supplied with the test certificates and may be supplied in bulk quantity also as retail quantity as per customers’ requirements. EN31 alloy steel round bars are supplied by us to varied industries. EN31 may be a very high-strength steel alloy that’s hardened and tempered before supplying and has nickel, chromium, molybdenum making its high tensile steel strength, with good ductility and wear resistance. With relatively good impact properties at low temperatures, EN31 is additionally suitable for a spread of elevated temperature applications. It is good internal strength and high external strength, which makes them highly wear-resistant. Also, they offer a good combination of ductility, strength, and wear resistance. EN31 may be a very high-strength alloy engineering steel.


  1. Finding high suitability for forging industries, grill fencing and the engineering component
  2. Available in both Metric and Imperial options
  3.  Available in cut to size finish
  4.  Bars produced using cold finishing process support with no/very little heat applied during entire operations


Include taps, gauges, swaging dies, ejector pins, ball and roller bearings. It is a good quality steel for wear resisting machine parts and for press tools which do not merit a more complex quality.Flat